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Sunday ‘s bomb a power of ten kilos of TNT equivalent detonated while police were      mulberry clutch  preparing to challenge a suspicious woman in front gantry metal detectors at the entrance of the station Volgograd . At first , investigators thought she had activated the device hidden under his clothes. Video analysis shows that the explosion had actually      mulberry clutch   belt worn by a man identified by his surname , Pavlov .
The two suicide bombers were able to work together. The woman, named after the discovery in the rubble of his    mulberry purses       head torn off , would Oksana Aslanova . This is one of those ” black widows ” sent by terrorists , after the death of a rebel mulberry     husband, sacrificing in suicide bombings. In July 2003, these living weapons Islamist rebellion had raged for the first time : the double suicide bombing perpetrated during a rock concert in Moscow by two female suicide bombers killed 15 people and wounded fifty . In October , another “black widow” girlfriend Oksana Aslanova , blew himself up in a bus full of students (six deaths). It was already in Volgograd .

Male products will be the focus of Mulberry, half year sales growth of 13%, the same period last year growth  mulberry bag     of 11%, small leather goods and gift sales growth increased by 14%, in the same period last year growth of 13%. The Mulberry will also continue to introduce high priced product strategy, pricing £ 500 a product number 60% of the 1000 brand products,   mulberry factory shop    Mulberry said more than 1000 pounds of Willow and DoubleZipBayswater two product widely  mulberry bags outlet    popular shows high priced products.

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The large industrial city on the Volga River is 1,000 kilometers south of Moscow    mulberry clutch   and 700 km north of Sochi, so far from the Olympic site. Friday, December 27 , Pyatigorsk spa town 270 km east of the Olympic host city , was wounded by another attack : the explosion of a car bomb killed three people , blowing out windows of several buildings an industrial area . A few days earlier , on Dec. 16 , the Russian security forces were reported to have killed four suspected Islamist rebels . Among them, the leader mulberry bags      of an armed group suspected of attacks against tourist sites. It was in Kabardino -Balkaria , halfway between Chechnya and Sochi.

Already in September and October , the violence had intensified in Dagestan , the most unstable neighboring  mulberry handbag    republics of Chechnya, pacified by force. Two bombs placed in nearby boutiques from one another had two dead and 15 injured in Makhachkala , the capital. Shortly before , two policemen were killed in fighting   mulberry clutch  and two others in a suicide bombing .

Week after week, these are ordinary violence of the Russian Caucasus. If the war is over in Chechnya, the vicious circle attacks continued repression around the small Republic , away from the “normalization” claimed by the authorities.  mulberry factory shop     Kidnappings and attacks against police multiply.

Mulberry half fiscal year gross margin was 63.0%, rose 170 basis points, but still below the 2012/13 fiscal mulberry wallet        year, the overall gross margin of 63.3%. Mulberry still emphasizes Britain, somerset, has completed construction of the second factory, expected 2014 years can be fully operational, Mulberry want 50% handbags products can be made in Britain. Due to the international fur prices rose 16%, Mulberry said to maintain gross margins, can make some changes in terms of pricing  mulberry outlet uk        and procurement. No fashion online speculation, Mulberry could be brewing.





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In Moscow, the concern is even greater than the rebellion would progressively transformed   mulberry outlet uk   since the mid- 2000s, a powerful armed border of Chechnya Islamist movement . With the aim of creating a ” Caucasus Emirate “. “The war will come to your streets ,” warned Doku Umarov , the Chechen rebel who , supported by organizations linked to al -Qaida, have abandoned the cause of independence for jihadism .

” The people of Russia will no longer observe calmly on television what is happening in the    mulberry outlet  Caucasus” , he had already started in 2010 after a double suicide bombing attributed to two female suicide bombers in the Moscow subway (40 deaths) . In Sochi , he promised a real war on Russian territory . – mulberry uk       ( Intérim. )
Unknown persons fired gunshots early Monday, Dec. 30 against the residence of the German     mulberry uk      Ambassador located Halandri , Athens northern suburbs , causing damage matériels.L attack took place at 3 pm local 30 (2 30 pm Paris time ) and anti-terrorist police services were immediately dispatched to the scene to investigate. According to initial reports , twenty cartridges were discovered in the yard of the residence , and the authors have fled on a motorcycle . The weapon used was   mulberry bayswater    a Kalashnikov . No organization has claimed responsibility for the moment.

Mulberry wholesale channels income is expected to continue.Mulberry, chief executive of BrunoGuillon said this fiscal year, the group will add 15 new stores, including half fiscal year increased by 9, and, more recently, the new 2.Half year Britain     mulberry wallet     Mulberry local retail sales rose 6% to 49.5 million pounds, same-store sales rose 4%, the UK retail sales accounted for 70% of total retail sales; The international retail sales rose 29% to 6.3 million pounds; Online sales fell 8% to 6.6 million pounds. Wholesale revenues mainly due to the European orders fell, in the first half of the year four brand new franchise experience    mulberry bags outlet   shop, the wholesale business is still grim.






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Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the Minister of Public Order , Nicos      mulberry outlet    Dendias , spoke on the phone with the German ambassador on this incident. Attacks against diplomatic targets foreign banks or companies are frequent in Greece , police attributing to the extreme left or anarchist movement . In most cases, these attacks cause only property damage.
Since the outbreak of the debt crisis in Greece in 2010 and the adoption of draconian mulberry     austerity measures dictated by the country’s creditors , the EU and IMF , Germany is considered by the Greek public as chief taxation policies rigueur.La residence of the Ambassador of Germany to Halandri , about 7 km from the center of Athens, was the target of a   mulberry outlet york     rocket attack in May 2000, then claimed by the group extremist Greek 17 -November . This attack did not cause any casualties . Group 17 -November , one of the deadliest in the country, dismantled in the early 2000s caused many attacks against foreign and   mulberry sale  Greek personalities. These attacks were twenty deaths     mulberry outlet   between 70 and 2000.

The Mulberry leather brand profits continue to decline, as of September 30, 2013 the end of the fiscal   mulberry purse    year 2013/14 half, profits fell 31% to 5.07 million pounds, 7.34 million pounds over the same period of last year, pre-tax profit fell 28% to 7.23 million pounds, 10 million pounds over the same period of last year.Half year, Mulberry income increased 2% to 78.094 million pounds, including the retail revenue grew 6% to 49.5 million pounds, wholesale channels revenue fell  mulberry bags outlet      5% to 28.6 million pounds. Mulberry said first-half profit decline, mainly due to the international expansion and new investment half fiscal year, international revenue grew 29%, Mulberry Mulberry also said in the November 2013 30 in the first nine week inter     mulberry bags sale     sales 49% of high growth.





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Israel released the night of Monday 30 Tuesday, December 31, 26 Palestinian prisoners , in mulberry handbags    accordance with commitments made to revive peace negotiations under the auspices of the United States , said a responsible palestinien.Dix – eight prisoners arrived at district General of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in the West Bank where Palestinians awaited the President Mahmoud Abbas and their families. They were welcomed as heroes in an atmosphere filled    mulberry clutch    with joy and emotion through a crowd of hundreds of people held signs with pictures of released and Palestinian flags .

Families were gathered in a large room in the giant picture of Yasser Arafat , the Palestinian leader   mulberry bags     historical . “I promise you that there will be no final agreement (with Israel) as all prisoners will not be returned home ,” said Mahmoud Abbas during cérémonie.Cinq other prisoners were released in Jerusalem east . Members of their family came mulberry bag to look for car in a database Israeli border guards. Three other prisoners arrived in Gaza in which they originate .

Arrived in Beijing on December 2, British prime minister Cameron, began a three-day visit to China. It is     mulberry bayswater  understood that the Cameron’s visit also brought a lot of gifts to Chinese leaders. It is reported that Mr Cameron to xi jinping, chairman’s gift is a England football team jersey, signed by all the members of the above.       mulberry outlet uk    Peng liyuan is received Cameron given Mulberry black bowknot gloves. This kind of gloves in top leather texture, texture is very soft. This kind of    mulberry purses   gloves in addition to black, there are two red and deep red color. In addition, there is a belt buckle decorative leather gloves, the two gloves are Mulberry Christmas season main gift.





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Earlier Monday evening , some 200 Israeli demonstrators marched from  mulberry bags    the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Wailing Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem . With cries of ” Shame on you Bibi ,” they denounced the release of five Palestinians from East Jerusalem annexed , while Netanyahu promised not to release  mulberry outlet uk         Palestinians from the area and as such holders of resident Identity issued by the Israeli authorities card.

However, the Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal filed on this issue. To avoid problems , mulberry outlet   only a dozen protesters were approaching the house of one of these Palestinians , Hallaf Ahmed , said a spokesman for the  mulberry outlet uk         police. Thereafter these protesters shouted racist anti-Arab slogans while demanding “revenge” against the Palestinians.
This is a ” positive step” in the peace process , considered the United States , while John Kerry is preparing to     mulberry handbag     return to the region . Kerry ” expresses its satisfaction with the decision of Prime Minister Netanyahu , a third phase of release of prisoners ,” said the spokesman of the U.S. State Department , Marie Harf , during a press briefing .

So brand but under had to stop coming in the London fashion week in February 2014 at the Mulberry qiu   mulberry factory shop     dong xiu, 2014 will be involved in the London fashion week in other ways.Mulberry’s official spokesman said in a statement: “(the company) has not yet been determined, creative director, so next February will make an exception and will not hold a fashion show.” So far as the hesitated to decide the creative director, YiErDan mu (Erdem) run Erdem Moralioglu, designer   mulberry wallet   Roland Murray (Roland Mouret), Mary carter LanZuo (Mary Katrantzou) and Sophie Hulme on the candidate list.

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The head of American diplomacy must go to Israel Wednesday for his tenth movement   mulberry outlet uk   in the country and the Palestinian territories since March. With Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas , Kerry will discuss ” the scheme proposed negotiations ” ,  mulberry handbag  which will serve as guidelines for the negotiations on the final status and discuss “all substantive issues .”
Responding to an inquiry by the New York Times, the U.S. State Department said Monday,  mulberry     Dec. 30 that the United States has ” no indication that the hard core of al- Qaeda” was involved in the attack U.S. consulate in Benghazi ,  mulberry bag    Libya , which had killed in September 2012 their ambassador .
But some authors of the attack, which killed four people including the U.S. ambassador to Libya mulberry bags     Chris Stevens, were able to ” learn from the ideology of Al -Qaeda ,” said Ms. Harf . According to a survey of the New York Times published Saturday on its website, the Al -Qaida network would not directly involved in the attack, which would have been made ​​by   mulberry bayswater        local attackers.


Because Emma Hill’s departure, the shares of joint Mulberry have shrunk dramatically, and earlier Burberry mulberry factory shop    has a similar (but Burberry to replace the CFO and CEO).Recently, the British fashion brand Mulberry (Mulberry) has been at the forefront, the first 2014 qiu dong the designer vacancy cancelled shows conference, then    mulberry outlet uk   prime minister Cameron’s visit to the nation peng liyuan a pair of black bowknot gloves, Mulberry and Mulberry earnings release half year profit fell 31%. Cameron send turmoil of swaying brand national gift, what is our favorite stylemakers? As designer Mulberry creative    mulberry outlet uk   director 6 years Emma Hill (Emma Hill) in June, the Mulberry head openings.





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This information could again create controversy in Washington, where the Obama  mulberry purses     administration – while in the countryside for re-election – has been accused repeatedly by his opponents to cover what happened in Benghazi. The survey, conducted by the FBI, ” is underway ,” said Ms. Harf . The attackers were “clearly terrorists ,” said Ms. Harf , while stating that it was necessary to distinguish between the Al -Qaida network and other terrorist groups     mulberry bags sale        and local militias .

The New York Times says that the attack could actually be caused by angry protesters , mulberry     following the broadcast on local television of Islamophobic film produced in the United States . Investigators look at “what exact role did ” this video in the bombing of Benghazi, said Ms. Harf . “The video has clearly been used by terrorists as a kind of rallying cry against  mulberry bags     the United States ,” said the spokesman for American diplomacy.

Two warships to escort the transport of Syrian chemical arsenal to Italy   mulberry bayswater    for its destruction at sea were recalled , Monday, Dec. 30 in Cyprus , the process has been delayed, announced parole.La – door frigate Norwegian Helge Ingstad HNoMS was ordered to return to the Cypriot port where it had sailed , told a Norwegian public relations manager , Lars Hovtun . The other ship , mulberry sale       a Danish building, was also recalled . The spokesman did     mulberry bags sale        not give a date for the next departure of ships to Syria.

The creative director a job candidate brand is still not settled yet, is also the focus of the people most concern right now. “  mulberry bag     You can’t have no creative director, while the” brand CEO Bruno Guillon about this embarrassing situation, “we will work harder in marketing and increase the rate of interest to maintain the brand exposure and popularity”.Bruno is really too stubborn, see the somebody else Maison Martin Margiela in the absence of creative director for years continuously do show, more in haute couture fight for a seat in the heavens and the earth. No designer show, big mistake. Each to his own, of course, to find a of the  mulberry purse      creative director is always very difficult.





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The United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ,       mulberry wallet   responsible for the destruction of chemical arsenal Syrian government announced Saturday that the deadline of December 31 set for the evacuation of Syria of the most dangerous chemicals would probably exceeded.

In addition to the security problems due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, logistical problems and bad  mulberry outlet    weather delayed the transport of chemical agents to the Syrian port of Latakia , said the two organizations. The UN and the OPCW supervise the operation, but the responsibility for transporting chemicals to Latakia up to Syrian authorities.

The plan to destroy the Syrian chemical arsenal result of a Russian- American agreement has prevented U.S.  mulberry handbags     military strikes in Syria after a deadly chemical attack in August near Damascus and Washington attributed to the power of the president Bashar Al- Assad.Damas , supported by Russia, rejects any responsibility for the attack and accused the   mulberry bayswater    armed rebellion.

Mulberry (Mulberry) 2013 handbags series advertising large led us into the snowy Christmas fairy tale world. In  mulberry handbag   the ice and snow, timber placed beside the red hand bag, brown briefcase, in all sorts of animals such as deer, fox, owl accompanied, bring balmy breath for a cold winter day. The Mulberry creative director a job   mulberry factory shop   candidate still not settled yet, “without creative director, you cannot work,” CEO Bruno Guillon about this embarrassing situation, “we will work harder in marketing and increase the rate of interest to maintain the brand exposure and popularity” earlier we have reported the British  mulberry uk  well-known brand Mulberry not do news show at    mulberry purses    London fashion week, but it will still be on the fashion week.

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The Russian-American plan approved by the United Nations provides that the entire Syrian   mulberry wallet     chemical arsenal has been destroyed by 30 June 2014. The destruction of the most dangerous chemicals will be carried out in international waters on a specialized ship of the U.S. Navy , the MV Cape Ray . Two cargo ships, escorted by Norwegian and Danish warships must load the chemicals at the port of Latakia. They then transport you to an Italian port , where they will be shipped in the U.S. building. The mulberry    cargo will then return to Latakia to load the latest chemicals, less dangerous , which must   mulberry purses   be destroyed by corporations.

It is ” the responsibility of the Assad regime carrying chemicals to the port safely and to facilitate their mulberry bags    removal ,” said Marie Harf Monday , a spokesman for the U.S. State Department . “We expect it to comply with this obligation ,” she has said. But the spokesman acknowledged that it was ” a complicated process .” “Until we mulberry purses see that there is progress, it is the most important,” she said.

Ms. Harf stressed the importance of the results obtained in this case since the agreement was signed in   mulberry outlet     September , including ” decommissioning functional service all Syrian production equipment, mixing and filling ” of chemical weapons. ” This means that ( Syrian forces ) can not take the chemicals they have and militarization ,” said the spokesman for the State Department .

Recently, the Mulberry (Mulberry) issued early autumn 2014 series dress, this is the creative director Emma    mulberry handbags    Hill first released after leaving the brand clothing series, the series of women’s Muse is Charlotte Rampling (Charlotte Rampling), full of neutral and minimalist style in the ninety s. Big black tuxedo lapels, super sheepskin car coat, silk pinstriped dress shirt. Design team also used the British tradition – gray flannel fabrics and technology large quilt type down jacket and asymmetric   mulberry bags sale   hem loose sweaters.